Trishul Raw Chocolate

cropped-trishul-header-04.jpgTrishul Raw Chocolate is dedicated to revealing the pure decadence of the Chocolate Bean in all its guises….

Trishul has been making Raw Chocolate delights for the last 6 years and is constantly creating Raw and wonderful treats. Combining wholesome and healing superfoods, with the already super potent Raw Chocolate, resulting in luxuriant treats…

I love using interesting ingredients..and experimenting with new things..At the moment I am using lots of slow dried Berries.. Blackcurrant is my favourite, but Raspberry is delicious and Acai works well in alot of recipes, and is very popular.. Im really enjoying the uniqueness of making Truffles, Each one a specific, dense Flavour explosion.. Slightly differing from previous Trishul priorities, last year was all about getting as much health into each product as possible…which is still a priority….. but the Truffles are an interlude into decadence…

As I have spoken about before.. There are lots of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals in Raw Chocolate, it is also very alkalising on the body (disease lives in acidic conditions) And contains Omega6 fatty acids…. I originally began to enjoy Raw Chocolate to improve the quality of sweet treats I was consuming…But it has unfolded into an simple pathway to the world of Raw foods, through understanding Raw Chocolate, I have gained an entry into understanding the beauty and benefits of all Raw foods.


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