::TRISHUL RAW CHOCOLATE:: does a variety of products which can be ordered online..


Truffles: Hazelnut, Blackcurrant, or Ginger – 4 Truffles -£5.00 (mixed or single flavour)

Raspberry Truffles – 4 Truffles – £5.00 

BrazilNut Fudge. 5 Chocolate coated pieces.£5.00

Raw Chocolate Brownies – 4 Brownies – £7.00

Bounty style Coconut bars – 5 Bars -£5.00 (approx 40g each)

Florentines – 3 pieces -£6.00

Fig Fudge – 5 slices – £5.00

Goji & Hemp Biscuit- 4 Biscuits – £6.00

Mixed bag of assorted Truffles, Brownies & Biscuits -£10 bag

Raw Chocolate Bars: Mint Crisp / Fiery Ginger / Cranberry & Mango / Raspberry & Vanilla

£10 – for 5 Bars.. Assorted or single flavour (all bars 35g each)

All products are Raw, Vegan, Low Gluten and Dairy free..and could be suitable for diabetics as they contain no refined sugars, only Low GI sweeteners such as: Yacon syrup, Agave syrup, Coconut Sugar for sweetness, along with Dried fruits. 
Trishul products are made with mostly Organic products which have been fairly traded and fairly sourced ..
P&P is on average £3.00 per Order.
Please Fill in The form Below with Your Order or any other enquiries. Thank You.


One comment on “MailOrder

  1. Hi, I’ve also messaged you on FB before I realised I could do this.

    Could I order a mix for Valentine for Bryan? I know he likes the mint and also anything raspberry or blackcurrant and he likes ginger too. so anything you’ve got really.

    I could pick up tuesday evening or early or late wednesday. Let me know what’s possible?



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