One of the most asked for recipes when I am at market is.. Raw Chocolate Cake… similar in build to a Cheesecake.. but made with fruits and nuts… and Avocados!!…Its Raw, Vegan, Dairy and Low Gluten and really sumptuous.. Also it is sugar free so could be suitable for Diabetics.

Black Velvet CheeseFake

Black Velvet CheeseFake

Base: 150g Walnuts / 30g Brazil Nuts / 180g Dates / 30g Raw Cacao butter / 1 dessertspoon Cinnamon / pinch Himalayan or Celtic Salt.

Topping: 200g Cashews (soaked for 1 hour in spring water) / 1 medium Avocado / 30g Raw Cacao Powder/ 30g Coconut Butter / Vanilla pod/ Agave Syrup / Spring Water.

Decoration: (optional) 40g Raw Cacaco Butter /35g Raw Cacao powder / 3 tbs Agave Syrup. 

Method: Begining with he Base…Melt the Cacao butter using a bain marie method……Meanwhile Prepare the 8″springform tin, with a greaseproof paper lining.. Then into your food processor lightly process half the walnuts and all the Brazil nuts…. add the melted Cacao Butter, dates, cinnamon & salt pinch… process for a minute…Add the other half of the walnuts and process leaving them slightly chunky.. press tightly into tin.

For the Topping: Start by melting the Coconut butter in a bain marie. …Add the soaked & rinsed cashews to the food processor, with 100ml of spring water, process till smooth, then add mashed avocado and all the other ingredients.. process until smooth, it make look sloppy at this point , but will set when its refrigerated..Spread on top of the base

For the decoration: Melt the Cacao butter in a bain marie, when melted , add the cacao powder , blend well and add enough Agave syrup for your taste.. and swirl and spread on top of the cake.. Refrigerate for 3 hours at least.. and consume within 3 days… Delicious served with mashed Raspberries…which you can sweeten with Agave syrup if you want to.


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